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Phantom Covert Ops is a unique and immersive stealth action game that combines the elements of tactical espionage and virtual reality (VR) gameplay. The Phantom game, which nDreams created and released in 2020, sends players on a thrilling covert mission through enemy-infested waters, making it a must-play title for VR enthusiasts and fans of stealth-based adventures.

Phantom Covert Ops Set in a fictional world, players assume the role of an elite covert operative operating under the codename “Phantom Covert.” Tasked with preventing a global catastrophe, the protagonist must infiltrate a heavily fortified and hostile terrorist base while remaining undetected and navigating treacherous waterways. Phantom Covert Ops game’s setting is particularly intriguing as players embark on their mission from the comfort of a tactical kayak, which serves as their primary mode of transportation and concealment throughout the game.

The VR mechanics of “Phantom Covert Ops” revolutionize the stealth genre. Players are fully immersed in a first-person perspective, able to use their hands to interact with various objects, manipulate weapons, and paddle their kayaks. This level of Phantom Chrome interaction and immersion breathes new life into the stealth gameplay, as players must strategize and adapt their approach based on real-life movements and gestures. You Can Also Download Keen One Girl Army

Phantom Covert Ops Free Download Pc Game 

System Requirements of Phantom Covert Ops:

  • The Intel i5-4590 is equivalent or greater.
  • NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290+
  • Windows 7 64-bit or greater
  • 8GB RAM or more.
  • HDMI 1.3, 3x USB 3.0, and 1x USB 2.0


Phantom Covert Ops” is a thrilling and innovative VR stealth action game that delivers a unique gaming experience. Google Phantom’s use of virtual reality technology immerses players in a first-person perspective, where they take on the role of an elite covert operative navigating treacherous waters in a tactical kayak. The game’s engaging narrative, polished graphics, atmospheric audio design, and intuitive gameplay mechanics set a new standard for VR gaming.


Q1: What platforms is “Phantom Covert Ops” available on?
“Phantom: Covert Ops” is a virtual reality game available exclusively for VR platforms. As of the game’s release in 2020, it was available on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest.

Q2: What is the recommended play space for “Phantom: Covert Ops”?
The Phantom Ledger game requires players to have enough physical space to comfortably sit and paddle their Phantom Protocol Virtual kayak. A minimum 2m x 2m play space is recommended to ensure smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

Q3: Can I play “Phantom: Covert Ops” without a VR headset?
No, “Phantom: Covert Ops” is specifically designed for VR gameplay and requires a compatible VR headset to play.

Q4: How long is the “Phantom: Covert Ops” campaign?
The length of the single-player campaign can vary depending on the player’s skill and mission approach. On average, the drive can take around 6-8 hours to complete.

Q5: Is “Phantom: Covert Ops” suitable for players new to VR?
Yes, the Phantom Company game offers a comfortable and immersive VR experience, making it accessible to players new to virtual reality. The intuitive controls and gameplay mechanics help newcomers quickly adapt to the VR environment.

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