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Experience a new holiday season with our Hippo Christmas Calendar. This kind of calendar is perfect for hippo fans, families with kids, and anyone who likes surprises. This APK is designed for 24 days of joy and excitement as you open a brand new surprise every day leading up to Christmas. If you want to enjoy the Great experience, you have to download it.

Hippo Christmas Calendar | Online game Play | Free Download

Hippo Kids Games is responsible for developing the educational game known as Hippo Christmas Calendar. Children and their parents are waiting for a miracle to take place in their lives. Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas Santa Claus has provided a variety of beautiful gifts for every member of the family. When Santa Claus packed all the gifts into his luggage and got ready for his long trip, our inquisitive Hippo prepared a present for every child and parent. A Hippo Advent Calendar is what you have here. Hipps, a brand new game from our Developing Mini Games team, is a Kids Advent Calendar suitable for the whole family.

The holiday most people look forward to the most is Christmas. Everyone watches eagerly for the holidays. The purpose of this Advent calendar was to make the anticipation of the holidays more bearable and to instill a sense of festive cheer. Every day, millions of children and adults all around the globe open the doors of the cherished Advent calendar. The Happy Hippo Kratom book has fun adventures that will stay with you for a long time, as well as funny puzzles, exciting questions, and other tasks that are good for both boys and girls, adults and children. On top of that, all of these unexpected events could be your own!

Celebrate the Christmas season with Hippo, open the Advent Calendar, and participate in fun winter activities. Make sense of the Christmas problems and puzzles. Happy Christmas to you! I hope you have a wonderful time and a lot of joy throughout this holiday! Keep up with Mini Hippo Dog, and don’t miss out! Through our Developing Family Mini Games and Activities, which are designed for both boys and girls as well as all families, you and your children will always leave feeling joyful.

About Us Hippo Christmas Calendar

Hippo Kids Games is a leading mobile game developer founded in 2015. We specialize in fun and educational games for kids and have created over 150 unique apps with over 1 billion downloads. Down syndrome hippo Our creative team creates engaging experiences to give children worldwide delightful, educational, and entertaining adventures.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Unique Hippo-Themed Design: Our exclusive hippo-themed artwork adds a touch of charm and adventure to your holiday decor. It’s a calendar like no other!
  • Premium-Quality Materials: Crafted with high-quality materials, this calendar is built to last. Each surprise is carefully curated to bring smiles and excitement, day after day.
  • 24 individually wrapped surprises: From small toys and trinkets to delicious treats, each surprise is thoughtfully selected to captivate and delight. Unleash the joy of discovery with each unwrapping.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: We care about the environment. That’s why our calendar comes in eco-friendly packaging, ensuring that the magic of the season doesn’t come at the expense of our planet.
  • Suitable for All Ages: Whether you’re young or young at heart, our Hippo Christmas Calendar offers fun and excitement for everyone. It is ideal for bringing the entire family together during the holiday season.
  • Family Bonding Time: Create cherished memories as you gather around the calendar daily, sharing laughter and anticipation with your loved ones.
  • Fun and Educational: Counting down to Christmas has never been more exciting! Our calendar offers a fun and educational way to involve children in the holiday spirit.
  • Unique Holiday Decor: Add a whimsical touch to your holiday decorations with our hippo-themed calendar. It’s the perfect centerpiece for your festive setup.
  • A Gift for All Ages: Whether you are searching for a unique gift for a hippo lover or looking to treat yourself, our Hippo Christmas Calendar will surely bring joy and smiles.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 (v2004)
  • Storage: 10 GB 
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU or comparable
  • Processor: 4 CPU 
  • Memory: 8 GB of RAM


We are almost done with our trip through the world through the Hippo Christmas Calendar. Let us consider how much fun and wonder it brings to this time of year. Join in this fun ritual and make magical memories with your family. Whether you make your own or buy one already made, the 5-letter Hippo Christmas Calendar will make your holiday parties even more fun and exciting. Let the hippos lead you on a fun holiday journey. Get together with your loved ones and count down the days. The Hippo Christmas Calendar is ready to make your home laugh, smile, and be joyful this Christmas.


When should I start my Advent calendar?

They usually start on December 1 and go through December 25, but other options exist, like the 12 Days of Christmas countdown calendars. Generally, an Advent calendar has paper doors with a small piece of chocolate hidden behind each one.

What is the purpose of an Advent calendar?

This German term means “advent calendar.” People use it to count Christmas days. The first Sunday of Advent is when? It might be any Sunday from November 27 to December 3. On December 1, many paper or wooden reusable Advent calendars start.

Who invented Advent calendars?

German printer Gerhard Lang created the printed Advent calendar. He was inspired by a memory from his childhood of his mom putting 24 cookies into the lid of a box and letting him eat one every day of Advent.

How are Advent calendars made?

Use numbered cotton bags filled with sweets, small gifts, or personal notes to make a simple but happy advent calendar. Use baker’s twine to hang the bags from some plants for an extra holiday touch.

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