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Aria Chronicle switches physically As fate would have it, Lyra’s life takes a dramatic turn when she stumbles upon an ancient artefact known as the “Chronicle Amulet.” This artefact possesses immense power and holds the key to unravelling the secrets of Aria’s creation and the forgotten history of its magical origins. Unbeknownst to her, dark forces in Aria seek to claim the amulet and use it for nefarious purposes.

Lyra sets out on a perilous quest to stop the Aria Chronicle Amulet from falling into the wrong hands, driven by her thirst for knowledge and adventure aria chronicle steam. Along the way, she encounters a diverse group of companions with distinct skills and backgrounds who join her in her quest. Among them are the witty rogue, Kael; the stoic and honourable warrior, Sirion; the mischievous yet loyal fairy, Faela; and the wise and enigmatic sorceress, Elowen.

As Lyra and her newfound companions journey across Aria Chronicles, they face numerous trials and tribulations. They battle fearsome mythical beasts, overcome treacherous landscapes, and navigate through complex political intrigue, all while forming unbreakable bonds with each other. They learn the true meaning of friendship, bravery, and sacrifice throughout their adventures. You Can Also Download Samurai Shodown

Aria Chronicle v1.2.1.1 latest Free Download

Minimum Requriements:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Pentium G630 @ 2.70GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 11
Aria Chronicle v1.2.1.1 latest Free Download

How To Download Aria Chronicle?

  • GamesDatabase will open when you click Download Here above.
  • Click the grey “download now” button after 5 seconds. Start downloading and wait.
  • After downloading the game, right-click file and choose “Extract to.” (Get 7-Zip or Winrar here to accomplish this.)
  • Double-click the ARIA CHRONICLE folder and start the exe.
  • Have fun! Run the game as administrator and install All In One Runtimes.exe if you receive missing Dll problems.


is a turn-based role-playing game with excellent narratives, monomyths, combat, action-packed battles, adventure, suspense, and mystery. The game symbolizes action and adventure for combat enthusiasts and is played worldwide. The game centres on Aria, the princess of the Tamageria Kingdom, Her travelling companion Tila as well and the village of Gerome. Aria, together with the cabinet and her pilgrimage partner, Tila, plus town Gerome. Aria and the cabinetry discovered that Lord Tyler had vanished, and they also found that the enigmatic group Cult was responsible. That will discover the kidnappers’ identities, learn about her background, and become aware of the hidden talents she possesses amid the game.

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