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Atri My Dear Moments APK Full Download

Atri My Dear Moments APK is a video game that is mostly played in Thailand and Canada. It is mostly searched for 100% in Canada & 50% Searching in Thailand. My Dear Moments v1.0.1 by Atri became available for purchase On June 18, 2020. It’s conceivable that this is a reference to a product, game, or other content that was launched or made public after that date. I advise you to get the most recent information on “Atri My Dear Moments” from official websites, gaming platforms, news articles, and other sources if it’s a certain game or product.

Atri My Dear Moments Review APK Free Download.

Last Updated1-12-2023
Requires 5.0 Android and up
Mobile TestingOffline Security
Current Version1.0.1
DeveloperAtri My Dear Moments Free Game
Get it onYou Can Download Google Play
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About the Game of Atri My Dear Moments

Atri My Dear Moments a large section of human civilization will be inundated in the not-too-distant future due to a sudden and unexplainable rise in sea level. Atri Dear Moments VNDB Ikaruga Natsuki, a young man who lost his mother and leg in a car accident some years ago, returns from a rough life in the big city to find that the sea has largely destroyed his boyhood home in the countryside. He is disillusioned by what he witnesses and resolves to commit suicide. Because his family abandoned him, his sole assets are the ship and submarine left to him by his oceanographer grandmother and her debts.

Atri My Dear Moments mod APK take advantage of the opportunity the mysterious debt collector Catherine presented to you. It is his one chance to reclaim his lost ambitions and dreams for the future. They set out in search of his grandmother’s underwater laboratory, hoping to locate a treasure she is rumoured to have buried there. On the other hand, what they find is not money or pearls but rather a peculiar girl laid to rest in the coffin at the bottom of the ocean.

Is Atri a robot? “My Dear Moments,” ATRI is a robot girl that Natsuki rescued from the ocean floor. Her looks and her capacity for feeling rendered her nearly indiscernible from a typical human person, despite her being a robot. By remarking on Natsuki, she conveys her gratitude for saving her life. “I’d like to finish the last command given to me by my lord.” I’ll be your leg till I get there!” This young person and this enigmatic robot woman are about to spend the summer of their lives in a small town, slowly
becoming seafood.

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Story Actors:

  • Ikagura Natsuki is a young man, 17, who was just amputated due to an accident.
  • Atri is a robotic creature who formerly assisted the previous generation of the main character’s family, but she has lost some of her memories.
  • Kamishiro Minamo is the girlfriend of a virtual protégé who has been with him from a very early age.
  • Kamishiro Atri my dear Minamo has been with him since he was very young.
  • Nojima Ryuji Atri Dear Moments is a powerful and fearless young man with leadership characteristics to guide others.
  • Catherine, a “debt collector,” arrived at Ikagura to fulfil Natsuki’s grandmother’s promise.
  • Aheroisraising Nanami Ririka, a child who has no parents.

System Requirements:

● Not compatible with Windows RT/Mobile
● Intel Core 2 Duo or above.
● 1 GB RAM.
● 1280×720 VRAM: 320 MB
● Direct X 9.0c ● 4 GB storage.

How To Download Atri My Moments?

● Upload Haven launches when you click Atri My Dear Moments APK Mod Download.
● Click “download now” after Atri my dear moments Anime 5 seconds. Download and wait.
● Right-click file after downloading ATRI (My Dear Moments) and choose
“Extract to ATRI.” (To do this, get 7-Zip.)
● Start the exam by double-clicking the ATRI (My Dear Moments) folder.
● Have fun playing! If you encounter missing errors, run the game as an
administrator and install all apps in a Redist or CommonRedist folder.


Q1: What is Atri’s Dear Moments about?
Fandom Synopsis for ATRI My Dear Moments significant portion of human civilization is underwater due to an abrupt and inexplicable sea level rise. A kid and an enigmatic robot girl are ready to embark on an incredible summer together in a little village that is gradually engulfed by the sea.

Q2: How long is a short visual novel?
Actually, it relies on how much of the Atri my dear moments Ios the game’s content is made up of story text. An average graphic novel with no minigames takes around an hour to read, yet its storyline still has 10,000 words. This does not contain coding.

Q3: What is the meaning of Atri?
Journey through life Atri means “one who overcomes,” name of a Hindu Rishi,” “star,” “son of Brahma, gender. and traveller through life.

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